Air Freight

Facilities like create airways code details, airport names, types of charge, currency details of all the countries and shipper's details.


Road Freight

Includes vehicle's detailed report, driver & cleaner details, vehicle route details, load details, hire amount details, payment details and other needed reports.


Ocean Freight

Features like creating contact details of notifier, details of delivery agent, shipping charges, port names, destination, contact details of the shipper's and trade details.


Logistic Management Software

3Slogic is fully owned software of Nissi Infotech Pvt. Ltd. We provide complete

logistical software solutions

that will help to manage all your logistic operations with a click, which will enhance the growth of your business. From

ocean freight


air freight

, we offer end to end service with quality, safety that meets the challenges of an ever changing
logistics Industry
. We are happy to provide a total logistics solution at best price.

About 3Slogic Software

Sea, Surface & Sky Logistics

3SLogic software has been developed mainly for the logistics companies who have problem in managing their day-to-day operations. Our software will increase productivity, reliability, accuracy and responsiveness leading to top-tier power with a fast ROI. Increase customer satisfaction by offering our clients a secure web visibility 24x7.

Software is developed exclusively for the companies those providing logistic services through Air, Land and Seaways. It is used to track and manage all individual activity of logistics companies.


Sea, Surface & Sky Logistics

Why 3slogic

Whether shipping by air, land or ocean, with our technology we ensure that your cargo reaches its destination promptly and reliably.

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